A small project with a big output

In order to make both logo design, packaging design, web design and WordPress installation and visualization with a modest budget was a challenge that forced me to use a minimalistic and short iteration process. To do this I harnessed the dynamic duo of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to craft a sleek and memorable logo for Mooviefly. The design, an artistic ballet of vectors, radiates simplicity and scalability, encapsulating the brand’s essence with precision.

I utilized the structural prowess of Adobe Illustrator and the visual magic of Photoshop to make a design that not only adorns the product but also communicates vital information with effortless elegance.

With the prototyping of Figma, I created wireframes and designs for Mooviefly’s online apearance until the client was satisfied. Then I transformed these visions into a living, breathing website.

Embarking on the design journey for this project with a modest budget added an extra layer of creativity and resourcefulness to the process. The challenge of maximizing impact with limited financial resources sparked innovative solutions at every turn.